Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sister City

I'm back to hunkering down in a capital city for a few days with some couchsurfers and some friend I met in Bishkek, as well as enjoying some of the comforts that come with said cities (mainly food variety, bars and decent internet). Usually, when I'm in cities like this, I spend most of my time wandering aimlessly to see what I can see and get a feel for the place. Here in Tashkent, I thought I'd walk over to the "Seattle Peace Park" in Bobor Park.

Apparently, Seattle and Tashkent have been sister cities for quite a while. Back in '88, a bunch of kids from both countries created tiles to celebrate that connection and to call for peace between the Soviet Union and the US. Then, a bunch of Seattleites came out here to Tashkent to help build this park. Here are some of the photos:

The park. The tiles were all at foot level, some hidden on the inside of the treebeds

the mosaic globe (Soviets are big on mosaics)

This sculpture was done by the same guy who did the "Waiting for the Interurban" sculpture in Fremont
Research credit: Anna Kramer

closeup of the tiled wall

Some tiles were hidden in a drainage gully

"Hi Mom" - maybe his mom was Soviet?

I can't tell if the one on the left is some version of "rock, paper, scissors" or not

The personalized ones were my favorite

Especially the VERY personalized ones.
Someone please call this number and see if they remember making this tile...

wise words, little one

Some tiles were worse for the wear.

Who's "Sunbeam"?
Like a headbutt?
Woo Space Needle!

A decidedly less optimistic tile...

one of the more eloquent tiles

reppin' CBP!, is "horses" code for "peace"?

Thunderbird, thunderbird, thunderbird hooooo!

Stacey says it straight up

There were a couple for Led Zeppelin and the Doors tucked in there somewhere...
We do need more of that "Understanding Fish."
I hear it's delicious with a bit of dill and lemon.

God loves you, even if you are a godless commie...
God REALLY loves you
Woodinville, perhaps?
This little teddy lost his parachute

Peace Bear!

This is one of my favorites. It translates to "Dog of Peace!"

"Peace is good, War is not."

4 eva

Oh yeah, and I got a haircut:

Before: Scruffy McTerrorist, potentially...
After: all clean! complete with Uzbek hairstyle (on French-Irish hair) and blinding sunlight


  1. Holy Haircut Batman! I literally was like: "Who's that guy traveling with Shawn?" Seriously.

  2. The Reverse Lookup shows the number on the tile (206-283-6659) as belonging to Ashley Magnuson, 2217 Warren Ave N (Queen Anne), Seattle 98109. I didn't call her. I'm too shy. ;~) --Tom A